Message from the President & CEO

The leadership team at Valley Republic Bank is comprised of men and women with deep roots in this community. This is our home... the community we are invested in. Our work is about bringing new opportunities to you. It's about new goals and new confidence as well.

Each one of our founders and board members surpassed expectations in their own businesses and brought that same expertise and practice to Valley Republic Bank, where they laid the foundation for the Bank's culture of success.

We are grateful for the customers this bank is privileged to serve every day. We share in their success, and they in ours. Our ongoing investment in our customers' livelihoods and financial growth can be seen in tangible ways. By investigating and developing new technologies that streamline transactions, listening to our customers' ideas, challenges and concerns, and reviewing and analyzing the ways we respond to those needs, we are able to serve our customers more efficiently, more conveniently and more personally.

We will never rest on our laurels. It is our mission - and our future - to constantly raise the mark that is our measurement. It is our task to top that mark in our everyday work. It is our hope to anticipate our customers' needs so intuitively that they feel we are an integral part of their team and their success.

Won't you join us? We promise you our best.

Bruce Jay, President and CEO
Valley Republic Bank