Purpose, Values & Vision

Our Purpose

Our uncommon service creates exceptional value for those we touch.

Our Values

We strive to maintain a one-team environment where everyone’s ideas and perspectives are valued. By displaying respect in everything we do, people are made to feel important regardless of what they do. We achieve success when we help others become successful.

  Honesty and Integrity

By consistently complying with laws and regulations, we are honest and ethical in all relationships. Our actions, which include keeping our promises and doing the right thing, create trust.


We invest in our community through our people and resources by encouraging and recognizing employee participation. Striving to make our community a better place to live includes being good stewards of the environment.


We value innovative views and ideas and promote honest and open communication by relying on “straight talk” and full disclosure. Therefore, we are individually and collectively accountable for upholding these standards.


Because accuracy of all transactions is essential, we have a passion for excellence in all we do. To ensure that our knowledge creates effective results, we are efficient and disciplined.


Our service exceeds expectation when our responsiveness to customers and coworkers is evident in everything we do. This is accomplished by anticipating customers’ needs and making timely decisions based upon accurate information and knowledge as well as “owning” and promptly correcting errors.

Our Vision

We believe in being creators of exceptional value, respected community members, renowned and respected for excellence, and inspired people of common purpose.